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Hartford/Greater Hartford LiveJournal Community

Hartford LiveJournal Community
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This is a community where people from Hartford/Greater Hartford can discuss the city, its vibrant culture, current happenings, local news stories, and the massive revitalization that is going on right now. It is also a great resource for people moving to Hartford/Greater Hartford, attending one of the fine area colleges, or considering a job relocation to the Nutmeg State's capital city.

For information on Hartford, please see:

Hartford, Connecticut: Landmarks, History, Neighborhoods
Hartford.gov: City of Hartford History
Hartford.gov: Hartford Firsts & Interesting Facts
Hartford.gov: City of Hartford Statistics
Hartford Black History Project

For Hartford newspapers and magazines, please see:

The Hartford Courant
The Hartford Advocate
Hartford Magazine
The Hog River Journal

For information on visiting Hartford, please see:

Hartford.com: New England's Rising Star
CTBound.org: Hartford Tourism
Connecticut's Heritage Gateway

Some of Hartford's most beloved sites are:

Ancient Burying Ground
Butler-McCook and Isham-Terry Houses
Bushnell Park
Cedar Hill Cemetary
Harriet Beecher Stowe Center
Mark Twain House
Museum of American Political Life at UHart
Museum of Connecticut History
Old State House
Soldier's & Sailor's Memorial Arch
Wadsworth Atheneum

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